BBQ Sauces & Spreads

Mandarin Orange Sweet BBQ Sauce

This locally produced and all natural BBQ sauce features the subtle sweet taste and smell of tree ripen mandarins. With a zesty mandarin flavor enhanced with a hint of cane and brown sugar, it is superb with all types of meats when grilling or baking, wonderful as a marinade, and outstanding with both stir fry and vegetarian dishes.  This sauce would make an excellent year round addition to any kitchen to liven up meals.

Mandarin Orange Spicy BBQ Sauce

The Mandarin Orange Spicy BBQ Sauce combines the boldness expected with just enough bite to spice up your grilling experience.  The superbly blended mandarins and spices are a perfect compliment to ribs, tri-tip and other steaks, and chicken.  It also livens up burgers and will have your guests asking for more.  This sauce is also made from all natural ingredients.  It also works as an excellent marinade.

Mandarin Orange Original BBQ Sauce

Our Mandarin Orange Original BBQ sauce features a zesty citrus flavor that will turn your backyard barbecue into a success.  Made locally with satsuma mandarins, cane sugar, wonderfully blended spices, this product is created the old fashioned way with 100% natural ingredients and is perfect for grilling or marinating chicken, steaks, pork or burgers.

Mandarin Orange Pepper Sauce

Our Mandarin Orange Pepper Sauce is as versatile as it is delicious.  It is perfect for "firing up your grilling experience" with beef, chicken and pork either as a sauce while cooking or as a marinade before hand.  It is wonderful for "spicing" up bake meats and fish. It adds flavor to vegetable dishes, both baked and stir fried. Additionally it is an excellent appetizer when paired with cream cheese and crackers.