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Customer Comments about the Thundering Herd Ranch Fruit, Bottled Products, and Ranch Visits...

The excellence speaks for itself.  Last night we had the lemon olive oil and a little balsamic on fresh tomato, cucumber, and pepper salad - yum! Tonight John grilled think slices of potato brushed with the orange olive oil - heavenly! We also used the lemon olive oil on a grilled steak - since your oil has all the essence of the fruit its absolutely delicious!!! - Paula and John

- We love your fruit! The mandarins are already gone and I am busy juicing the lemons and freezing the juice. We enjoyed the drive to your beautiful ranch and will be back next week for more fruit. - Nancy and Paul

- I just wanted you to know that the mandarin and lemon crush olive oils and your tree-ripened mandarins are wonderful!!!  I have already had my friends and family ask where I got them so they could get some in their kitchens too... - Matthew

- I have been luxuriating in several of your delicious mandarins a day - life is good - since my husband ordered a box for our 20th year together.  Thank you for the wonderful fruit. It was a delicious surprise and I thank you with each bite. Its is really that simple joys that make life special. - Majorie

- Our Red Hat Ladies Club wants to send you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for hosting today's meeting at your lovely ranch.  We all really enjoyed the visit - hearing the history of the area, touring the ranch, and experiencing the delicious private tasting  for our group.  You and Nancy are outstanding and we all look forward to returning with our families. - Red Hat Ladies Club

- Oh Rich! Thaaank you SO much for the personal note and the mandarin olive oil.  It made my day! I am 1/2 way through the mandarins...suuuper delicious!  The persimmons are all out on the counter ripening away!! I am placing another mandarin order now!!! - Kelly

- Just a quick note to rave about your lemon crush olive oil! I tried it for the first time last night on prosciutto-wrapped crudités. Delicious!! I'll enjoy experimenting with both the lemon crush and mandarin crush olive oils as well as your aged balsamic vinegar and sharing with friends. So glad I found the Colwell Thundering Herd Ranch - great products! - Carolyn

- I always want to talk about your aged balsamic vinegar to my friends.  They are always asking me how I make such delicious glazed brussels sprouts and other garden fresh dishes. I always mention your balsamic as the key ingredient. It makes veggies taste like candy! Thanks for always treating this like a one-to-one relationship.  You and Nancy are terrific! - Sarah

- I am going to make the best salad dressing EVER with your balsamic vinegar...there is no way this balsamic vinegar is aged only 18 years, it has to be longer!..., I was going to use the balsamic for a reduction, but it tastes so good I think that has already happened... - Sacramento Gourmet Club Comments

- The Colwell Orange Liqueur and Cabernet Wine Gourmet Chocolate Sauces are the best toppings I have ever had on ice cream, cheese cake, brownies and fresh fruit...Can I have another spoon? Actually, I just want to drink the chocolate sauces straight from the bottles!!!...Is this chocolate sauce from the same magical place as the aged balsamic vinegar?  Is the Colwell family secretly the Wonka family? - Sacramento Gourmet Club

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